Since some jackass from Oregon has sportsjobs.blogspot.com, i figured i'd take the next best thing, and throw in my home state in the URL. Take that, Washington's Mexico!

About Myself

I'm 23, i live with 2 of my best friends from High School, i still haven't finished college (its been like 5 years since i've graduated HS), and i work temporary jobs and occasionally coach teams at the Mountain View YMCA. Over the last 5 years, i've had about 6 different addresses in two states and i've added about 90 credits to my quest for graduation, but one thing has remained constant... I love sports.

In no particular order, I love to watch the NHL, the NFL, NASCAR, Champ Car Racing, Major League Baseball, MLS, California League Baseball, NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball, FMF Soccer (thats Mexican League Soccer), International Soccer, Cycling, just about anything on tv that doesn't involve judges or players complaining about "struggling to feed their kids" at 12 million a year.

My Goal

To provide access mainly into some of the less noteworthy aspects of an organization at all levels of sports, be it educational, amateur, semi-professional and professional sports. Hopefully i'll be able to interview people from all types of jobs from a High School Football Coach, to "that guy who draws the lines at Municipal Stadium" to, say, Johnathan Cheechoo, and Jon Wilner. With this information, i plan on giving the prospective sports employee a bit of information as to how they can get in at the ground level of their dream job.

Frequency of Posting
In the beginning, hopefully 3x a month, as it should take a while to get this blog going, but hopefully within the first year i'll be able to start posting once a week.

Here goes!